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My Baby Made Me Do It

The journey into motherhood is one that is full of changes. Becoming a mother changes your physically, emotionally, mentally and relationally. While much focus is paid to some of the negative changes that are brought about like c-section scars, mommy pooches and no longer getting a good night’s sleep, being a mother has been a catalyst for many positive changes in my life.
Advocare Weight Loss and Health
Before Baby H I had struggled with my health and my weight. When my husband and I decided to start trying to get pregnant we decided it was time to get healthy. We hired a trainer and started eating better.
Once I found out I was pregnant I committed wholeheartedly to working out and eating well. At the five month mark I was told there was a risk of Baby H making an early arrival and I was put on modified bed rest. This was a major blow to my plan to have a super fit and active  pregnancy.
Fast forward to February 5, 2015, Baby H arrived via unplanned c-section (9 days late I might add) and here I was with a beautiful new perfectly healthy baby, the aftermath of a c-section and a body that was weakened due to 16 weeks of no activity. Coming home those first few days were more than a little overwhelming.
As Baby H and I settled into a routine I had two thoughts that were constantly in my mind:
#1- How do I want my daughter to see me?
#2- How do I want her to see herself?
The answers to both of these questions were similar: strong, healthy, and happy. I wanted (and of course still do) her to see me lead a life with purpose and for her to find purpose in her own life too.
Something just clicked for me and when I committed this time to lose the baby weight plus the extra weight I had been carrying for years I felt very empowered to do so because it wasn’t just for me, it was for her too.
This time it wasn’t about a fad diet or an extreme workout plan, it was about a whole new lifestyle for myself and my family. I started planning and cooking healthy meals with only organic ingredients, I started drinking more water, I started walking every day with Baby H and my husband, I started moving more naturally throughout the day and I started praying and meditating more.
Six months in and the results can speak for themselves:
  • I’m happier and more content.
  • I’ve lost all the baby weight and I’m actually 2 lbs away from my ultimate goal weight. I haven’t weighed this little since high school.
  • I have more energy.
  • I live more in the moment.
  • I am more present.
Speaking of eating healthier, Baby H’s arrival has really expanded my palette. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve always been a picky eater. In addition to being picky, I flat out refused to try new things. Thinking about the relationship I wanted my daughter to have with food I knew I needed to lead by example.
Starting during my pregnancy and continuing to this day I’ve worked hard to try new foods. I can’t say I love them all but there are a few foods that I was really missing out on. Also, it’s ok for me to try a food and not like it as long as it shows Baby H the importance of at least something once before dismissing it.
While I haven’t reached the level of a Foodie, eating octopus and boar on a regular basis (or at all) I’ve added some great fruits, veggies and ancient grains into my repertoire.
Each day I make a choice to be a good example for my daughter. As time goes on it becomes easier and easier because I have made a lifestyle change not just a change in diet. If you’re reading this and feeling like it is impossible to get healthy or lose weight let me tell you that it isn’t. You can do it. Start by making small steps and be proud of the progress you make a long the way. Life is a journey meant to be enjoyed. You can accomplish good health and you can have fun while doing it.

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