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Favorite Things: Harper Edition for Christmas 2017

Christmas is a special time at our house. We try to do lots of activities as a family. Making memories is what the season is about.

When it comes to gifts we try to be thoughtful in our giving. We do not want our children loaded up with a bunch of toys that won’t use. Instead, we try to mainly get them experiences, books, and educational toys.

Here are a few of the items I am getting Harper this year. She is almost three and really interested in baby dolls, books, and puzzles.


*I am excited to dive into this book with Harper on Christmas Day

You can buy it (and the other book in the series below) on Amazon now (12/08/17) 60% off 😲

*We have this book already and love it. It is the reason we are buying the second book in the series. Harper even has a plush “idea”.

Products from Amazon.com

Baby Dolls and Toys:

Bitty Baby by American Girls

Growing up I had American Girl dolls made my the Pleasant Company. We used to attend American Girl tea parties at a local bookstore. I have my original dolls to pass on to Harper when she is older, until then she is getting a bitty baby.

I love the bitty baby because there are so many different looking babies to choose from. Harper recently became a big sister and loves helping with her brother so I think this doll will become a favorite since she will be able to mimic some of the things I do with the baby that she cannot do with him.

Shop here: http://www.americangirl.com/shop/ag/bitty-baby

Grimm’s Large 12-Piece Rainbow Stacker

This toy can be stacked and sorted all different ways. It is a great screen free activity that keeps little ones busy. Harper loves playing with this at her best friend’s house so I can’t wait for her to get her own.


Splish Splash Kids Bath Set from BEAUTYCOUNTER.

Shop here: https://www.beautycounter.com/bethanyhandy

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